Hey, this is Sharbel! The aim of creating this blog is sharing with the Lebanese digital community the culture of knowledge, awareness and the most interesting news and information they do really need.

I am blogging various topics as society, politics, journalism, religion and even music and technology stuff. I believe in the freedom of opinion and expression, as well as the freedom of belief.

I’m an Ex-Ambassador for Truecaller and Uber in Lebanon, Socio-Political activist and a Human Rights defender, and a Social Media expert.

I’m a musician and guitarist, and also a Chorus member in Chorale Saint Elie du Saint Sauveur, Zahle.

Sharbel’s Blog across the media:
1- Al Bawaba’s Blogs Roundup mentions:
○ March 6th
○ March 9th
○ March 25th
April 7th
April 12th
May 6th
2- Other mentions:
○ Past top 1 trending link on @AlMonitor website.
Mentioned in @AlJadeedNews.
Mentioned in @OhNoTheyDidnt celebrity gossip live journal.
Carole Samaha already shared one of my posts on her official Facebook page.
* Also mentioned on many Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, One Direction, Shakira and Adele official forums and blogs.

Sharbel’s achievements:
● Among Top 20 Social Media Influencers in Lebanon, via top100arabs.com site.
● Among Top 100 Worldwide Social Media experts on Twitter, since November 2013, via
Evancar Michael site.
● Among Top 100 Worldwide Management experts on Twitter, since March 2014, via
Evancar Michael site.
Sharbel Fadi Faraj 2
● Among Top 100 Worldwide Human Resources experts on Twitter, since May 2014, via
Evancar Michael site.
● Sharbel’s blog was #18 top blog in Lebanon during 2015, via LebaneseBlogs.com site.


● Sharbel’s Blog has already been spread everywhere on social media and reached more than 130 country and state around the world with more than 302K views and 90K visitors since the launch of the blog.

P.S: This blog and its content are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution – Non Commercial – No Derivatives – 4.0 International License. You have no rights to use any content for commercial uses. When sharing and/or copying any content, you have to mention the linked source as Sharbel’s Blog. Also, it is forbidden to change and modify any content in this blog.
Creative Commons License

My social media platforms:
Twitter: @sharbelfaraj
Facebook: www.facebook.com/farajsharbel
Instagram: sharbelfaraj
Snapchat: sharbelfaraj
E-mail: sharbelfaraj@live.com

My blog’s social media platforms:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sharbelsblog
Instagram: sharbelsblog
Lebanese Blogs profile: www.lebaneseblogs.com/sharbelfaraj
E-mail: sharbelsblog@outlook.com

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