Truecaller 8: Google Video Calls, Built-in Payments, Smart SMS Inbox, New Logo, and much more!


On Tuesday 28th of March 2017, the Swedish tech company Truecaller announced a bunch of new features and partnerships at an event in New Delhi, India, which gathered the company’s founders and key partners across the industry.

Truecaller unveiled today their new logo and brand cover photo, and a new Black theme that can be changed in the app’s settings.

Smart SMS Inbox


2 years ago, Truecaller company launched a service called Truemessenger for making messaging smarter and managing spam. Today, the company integrated Truemessenger in the main Truecaller app. Android users will have the same spam blocking capabilities for text messaging by integrating SMS directly into the Truecaller app. This means identifying who you don’t know, sending more emojis to who you do, and sending those who bother you straight to the spam inbox.

Flash Messaging


Truecaller will be launching a new way to send pre-defined messages to friends and family to let them know if you’re in distress, you’re on your way, your location, or that you’ve reached home in addition to an emojis’ platform.

Video calls by Google Duo


Truecaller has also announced a strategic agreement to integrate Google Duo, a high quality video calling service, within the Truecaller app. This integration will be available in the coming months for Android and iOS as a permission-based service, where users will be able to opt-in and out at any time.

Truecaller Pay (Only in India)


Truecaller & ICICI Bank have announced partnership for Mobile Payment Service: Truecaller users will be able to create their unique Virtual Payment Address (VPA) in the app, and can instantly send or receive money using any Unified Payments Interface (UPI) supported bank. In addition, users can also do prepaid and postpaid recharges. This feature will be available to the ICICI & non ICICI users as well. The service powered by ICICI bank is absolutely secure and follows 2-factor authentication as per RBI guidelines. All the banking and transactional data of the customers is securely handled by ICICI bank conforming to NPCI and RBI guidelines. Truecaller will not park any money or handle sensitive data such as account details, credit/debit card information of its users.

Airtel Truecaller ID (Only in India)


Truecaller has also launched “Airtel Truecaller ID” with Airtel which extends the caller ID feature of Truecaller to Airtel’s nondata users using feature phones, and will be delivered to users via Flash SMS before the call hits the users mobile. This subscription based service will ease a user’s life from unwanted spam calls without having to subscribe to data service or buy a smartphone.

Starting in April the service will start rolling out in India, and all feature phone users with Airtel mobile service will be able to subscribe to “Airtel Truecaller ID” by Truecaller. This first of its kind service is set to provide online experience to offline users, helping them take the right call and to make their communication safe and efficient without Internet connectivity.

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