Lebanese singer Hiba Tawaji in The Voice France season 4

Hiba during her blind auditions in The Voice’s press conference (Video at the end of the post)

Wednesday evening at a press conference organized by TF1, a talent of Season 4 of The Voice France has played the game of the blind audition to journalists.

The press came massively to attend the presentation of the fourth season of The Voice and had the opportunity to listen to the voice of one of 100 talents who tried blind auditions. Hidden behind a screen, a captivating voice of a female silhouette was interpreting a female Eastern version of Moulins in my heart of Michel Legrand.

Widely acclaimed, the splendid young woman was presented by Nikos Aliagas as Hiba. Is she able to convince one of the four coaches of The Voice during her appearance on stage? We’ll know in early January during the broadcast of the talent show on TF1. What is known however is that this 26-year-old singer is a celebrity in Lebanon.

French Newspaper Le Figaro confirmed that this female singer is the Lebanese Hiba Tawaji:

Hiba is also an actress and director, she sings in Arabic, in English and French. After three musicals and an album, she collaborated with Fabrice Bergotti, the producer of the film The Francis, in March, a movie in which Hiba plays Jenifer. An encounter that, perhaps, conditioned her participation in The Voice.

Each of the three editions of the talent show highlighted a talent from Lebanon. During the season 1 of The Voice, Jhony Maalouf reached the quarterfinals with Garou. In season 2, Anthony Touma was a semifinalist with Jenifer. And last year, Aline Lahoud had stopped at the stage of battles with Florent Pagny.

Will Hiba make it to the finals this season?

My point of view: a successful and professional singer with an album and three amazing musicals collaborated with Oussama Al-Rahbani shouldn’t have applied to a “talent show”.


  1. Even the acclaimed Matthew McConaughey had a role in a TV series in 2014. It added to his career. From Hiba’s perspective, it will be a great addition to her career, and expose her to a bigger audience. Can’t agree more.

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