Introducing the New Truecaller

Truecaller Ambassador, Sharbel Faraj (@sharbelfaraj)
On behalf of Truecaller (@truecaller) :


The phonebook is a critical tool for billions of people who use it on a daily basis – but despite all of today’s advanced technology, little has been done to make the mobile experience more intelligent, relevant and personal.

Truecaller started off as an app to identify numbers and block unwanted calls, but we understand our users are not just using the app for those two actions: they are replacing their phonebooks with Truecaller. Many people do not bother saving phone numbers anymore, because they rely on the ability of Truecaller to find the right contact information, and identify the name behind a number, regardless of it being saved into their phone.

We’ve listened to how our users are using the service, and we wanted to redesign the app to provide easier discovery and simpler navigation, not to mention lighter memory consumption! The new Truecaller will completely transform your mobile phonebook experience with a smarter set of features that will improve your daily life. This has been a natural evolution in how people have been using the Truecaller app, and now, you have all the current information on people and businesses you need without ever having to leave the app.

As we announce accomplishing our 100 million user milestone today, we also release a newly designed Truecaller app for Android (other platform updates coming soon, don’t worry!)

New Features:

Smarter Search and Discovery Now you can search within your contacts as well as names and numbers beyond your existing contacts with an extensive list of more than 1.5 billion contacts.

Easily Place Calls and Send Texts A new user interface makes staying connected easier than ever before. Just swipe left to text or swipe right to place a call on your contacts. This one-step process makes it so you can stay in touch faster and more conveniently.

Suggested Contacts Truecaller can now predict who you may want to reach and make relevant suggestions based on call history, time, or location. The more you use it, the smarter it gets!

Complete Contact Profiles Your phonebook will always be up to date with relevant information by adding social media profiles and photos, so you have all the contact information you need in one central place. You choose how you want to be displayed in your friend’s Truecaller phonebook by updating your profile.

1417612125_1 suggested_blog
Screenshot 1 of the new update
1417533241_Profile View_blog
Screenshot 2 of the update

Waiting your feedback.
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