List of Lebanese unhealthy food markets and restaurants violating health & food conditions

Minister of Public Health Wael Abou Faour announced during a TV press conference the names of Restaurants, Markets and food establishments violating food and health conditions saying: “The Lebanese people’s food is infested with microbes as well as diseases, and the state is not doing enough to protect the people in this regard. We hope that the “Food Safety Bill” will be approved soon and we need all ministries’ cooperation to achieve this goal. Designated sections will be closed at all stores with spoiled products. The campaign is ongoing and proper measures will be taken to ensure regular monitoring of food quality.”

This list of unhealthy food establishments, markets and restaurants includes:
1- Fahed Supermarket, Jounieh (Hamburger)
2- Hawa Chicken, Jbail – Aley and Khaldeh (Skinny chicken breast with Salmonella bacteria)
3- Spinneys, Jbail (Meat)
4- Abou Khalil Supermarket, Damour (Meat)
5- Bedo factory and markets (Sausage and bratwurst)
6- Al-Khauli Supermarket (Meat and sausages)
7- Al-Hallab sweets, Tripoli (Kashta cream)
8- Al-Metro Supermarket (Chicken)
9- Kababji, Jal El Dib (Meat)
10- Roadster (Chicken breast)
11- McDonald’s (Nuggets)
12- Al-Natoor markets (Expired and rotten Brazilian meat)
13- Broumana Supermarket (Tawook chicken and sausage)
14- Marche du rond point supermarket (meat)
15- Al-Rimal restaurant, Nabatieh (Hamburger)
16- Jbail supermarket (meat)
~ Attached pictures show the full list ~ B2K0g2uCIAAxH_O  B2K0giiCUAEQV3J

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