Zahle city provided with 24/24 electricity starting January 2015


Head of EDZ (Electricite de Zahle) Engineer Assaad Nakad has finally confirmed that electricity will be provided 24/24 in the areas dependent on EDZ in Bekaa province starting January 2015, in a maximum time limit.

Nakad announced that “EDZ Company was planning since 2004 to provide its 53,000 subscribers the electrical energy 24/24 with a regular stream of voltage, because this is an important and normal right for the subscribers.”

In response to a question about the Syrian refugees, Nakad confirmed that “all the refugee camps are joined legally and paying the proper amounts, however that these camps are a burden on the public network and a strain on the transformers, but we are trying as much as possible to assure the necessary capacity”.

He added: “This eco-friendly project provides employment for about 50 Lebanese family and attenuates pollution due to 200 private generators working in Zahle, and therefore will provide an integrated economic circle in the region, and will attract new investments to the Bekaa without costing the state a penny, and thus Zahle will be the first Lebanese area to provide a full time electricity approved by the Ministry of Energy, and legalized by a law that allows the electrical production for EDZ, issued by the parliament not long ago.”

The new tariff

Nakad explained that “the tariff will remain the same one of EDL (Electricite du Liban) in addition to the consumption generated from EDZ with a cost of 150 L.L. per kilowatt and without any incremental value, with no need to install extra counters. On this basis, citizens will pay less tariff by 40% to 70% on the amount paid today to both EDZ and private generators; with a note that large enterprises and companies will benefit from special prices and offers.”

Nakad concluded that “this dream project will be achieved because we believe in Lebanon and Zahle, as well as in the rights of subscribers to obtain a 24/24 electricity, hoping to be circulated to the rest of the Lebanese territories.”

– Sharbel Faraj (@sharbelfaraj)

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