aside Introducing Truedialer by Truecaller


Since the first sighting of the Android smartphone back in 2008, many of the phone’s native apps have gone through improvements throughout the years; except the dial pad. Let’s just say it is ‘ordinary’ and has been in much need of a new look and way of searching for the people you want to contact.

It is for this reason the Truecaller Team has developed, and is introducing, Truedialer, one of the most useful, and easy to use dialer apps for Android and Windows Phone.

Automatically search for information about a number you are dialing. As you type in a number, Truedialer seamlessly searches your own contact list and Truecaller’s database of over a billion numbers. You can instantly learn the name of an individual or business belonging to a number you dial, even if they’re not in your contact list.

The difference between Truedialer and Truecaller

For starters, they are two different apps! Truecaller helps people navigate the complexity of knowing who is calling them by blocking nuisance calls from numbers they don’t know, and identifying incoming calls.

Our new service Truedialer, on the other hand, is a completely separate area of the phone (the keypad dialer), and will help users find who they are looking for when they are ready to make a call. If the person is in your phonebook – Truedialer will find them – and if the person is not in your phonebook, Truedialer will look into the Truecaller service to help find the right contact. Users can expect Truedialer and Truecaller to complement each other to form the perfect phonebook experience.

How Truedialer works

You can get your hands on our exciting new app, Truedialer for Android and Windows Phone!

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