Lebanon’s new 3G, DSL and calls rates

– The new DSL rates will be applied starting 1st of July.
– Mobile Internet (3G) rates will take effect on the 1st of June.

Cell calls:
– For prepaid plans: 0.25$/1min and 0.05$/1sms (was 0.36$/1min and 0.09/1sms).
– Postpaid customers will get 60 free minutes (for the reason of paying 15$ monthly and getting no services for).
– Postpaid lines won’t require a $15/month connection fee.

– The 150MB bundle becomes 500MB for 10$.
– The 750MB bundle becomes 1.5GB for 19$.
– The 1.5GB bundle becomes 5GB for 29$.
* The cost of extra MBs has been reduced to 0.06$/MB for all the bundles.

– Citizens will be able to get a landline without paying any fee of incorporation.
– Monthly fee reduced from 12,000 LBP to 9,000 LBP.


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