May 23-24: Meteor shower could turn out to be a storm with up to 1000 shooting stars an hour!


An exciting new meteor shower might peak this Friday night and Saturday morning (May 23-24, 2014), according to clocks in North America. And, although no one can be absolutely sure, mid-latitudes in North America are predicted to have the best view of this shower. This possible shower stems from Comet 209P/LINEAR, discovered in 2004. If the predictions hold true, Earth might be sandblasted with debris from this comet, resulting in a fine display of meteors, or shooting stars on the evening of May 23, and the morning of May 24. 

The meteor shower is not going to last very long, but it could be quite dazzling with over 1000 sightings per hour. The best view of the meteors will be right before dawn and will appear to be coming from the constellation Ursa Major (also incorrectly known as the “Big Dipper”).

If you aren’t going to be able to make it out to see the meteor shower with your own eyes, the Slooh Space camera will be streaming the event, so you’ll be able to check it out no matter where you are!

Live Stream:

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