What’s new with Tele Liban latest renovation?

It seems that Tele Liban, Lebanon’s official TV station has been under renovation for a while, as we can see on their official website and twitter account.
Tele Liban’s management announced the completion of preparations for the launch of Tele Liban, a new look in the news bulletins and a new logo as of Wednesday 2/4/2014.
News bulletins will be broadcast from a new studio, as it will have a new direction, with an enriched content for each half-hour bulletin:
The management chose the bulletins to be as follows:
– 7:20 AM,
– 14:20 PM,
– 17:20 PM,
– 19:20 PM,
– 23:20 PM.

Two new media faces will be presenting the news bulletins: Tamer Abu Fadi (currently working in “Voice of Lebanon صوت لبنان” radio station) and Nabil Rifai, (currently working in ّلبنان الحر radio station). In addition to some well-known faces in journalism, media and TV fields as Shada Omar and Sana Nasr.


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