X Factor Arabia season 2: new production company and negotiations secretly with the members of the jury


X Factor Arabia program will be back in a second season, but this time with a new production company led by the media personality Karim Sarkis with May Nassour. Both of them worked in senior positions in the Abu Dhabi Channel years ago and returned to Beirut, where they’re working currently to establish a production company for global programs.

The move comes after failures by the production company “In Media” last year, particularly in terms of candidates and the method of production that came with a result not accepted by the public.

Some sources confirmed that negotiations are taking way secretly with the members of the jury. We knew that Elissa did not give its approval if she will be participating in the program until now, especially that her 2014 agenda is full of work. The negotiations are underway with the star Wael Kfoury and other stars too.

It is expected to begin the tour to select participants for the second season next month in Beirut again, the city that will achieve their ambition to win the title.

Sharbel Faraj

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