Adele and Shakira in Carthage Festival next summer 2014!


The director of the International Festival of Carthage, Mourad Sakli, announced that preparations for next season has already begun. Sakli also confirmed that the contracts have already been signed with both international stars Adele and Sahkira, and three other great names.

Mourad Sakli was asked about the outcome of the 50th, he said that significant progress has been made in terms of professionalism, specifically in the areas of infrastructure, artistic and aesthetic quality, the organization, etc…

All eyes will be directed to Tunisia next summer, especially that the two stars are very popular in the Middle East and specifically Adele; the Arab public had always hoped to meet her.

There will be a press conference in the coming period by the management of the festival to announce the details of the Carthage Festival 2014 at its 50th season, and the stars who have been contracted with.

Thus, Tunisia will be the first Arabic country visited by the British Adele.

Sharbel Faraj

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