Powerful Pakistan earthquake creates large island in Arabian Sea

A deadly earthquake that shook Pakistan and killed more than 200 people left behind something more than death and destruction… it created an island in the Arabian Sea.

The bizarre formation appeared more than a quarter of a mile off the coast of Gwadar, a port city on Pakistan’s southwest coast.

The rocky island is nearly as wide as a football field, jutting out of the clear blue water almost 100 feet high, senior local administration official Tufail Baluch said.

The land mass rose out of the water shortly after the 7.7 earthquake struck miles away in Pakistan’s quake-prone province of Baluchistan, which borders Iran.

The island likely consists mostly of mud and sand, and was created by pressure formed from the quake, seismologist John Armbruster said. These formations are known to be created in the wake of strong earthquakes, such as those that reach a magnitude of seven or eight.








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